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Shopping Center Law

As a shopping center law firm, we appreciate the qualities that set shopping center real estate apart from other real estate. A lease of retail property is more than just a lease. A shopping center is a community of retail “citizens”, ideally operating complementary businesses in a cooperative fashion. Whether landlord or tenant, the goal is to bring customers to the door. The shopping center lease creates a series of intricate and complex relationships between the landlord and the tenant, and between the tenant and its fellow shopping center tenants. Fundamental to the success of the community and each of its tenants is the quality and balance of those relationships. And the shopping center lease is the cornerstone of that foundation.

“This is why you need the counsel of a shopping center law firm that specializes in this type of legal advice.”

Whether you own the shopping center or own a business that will be operating in the shopping center, we have the expertise to guide you through any shopping center transaction. We have been guiding clients through the process for nearly 25 years in a customized way that no large, high-priced law firm can match. Whatever the size of your individual transaction or your overall portfolio, your needs are our top priority. We are your retail property specialists, dedicated to protecting your investment and ensuring your success.